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CCCC 2023 Speakers

Keynote Speakers

Jan Ståhlberg
Founder and Managing Partner, Trill Impact

Jan Ståhlberg founded Trill Impact in 2019 with the ambition to be a force for positive change through impact private investments, in large and small scale. The firm’s mission is to create ‘Real Returns and Lasting Impact’ for the benefit of investors, businesses and society at large. Jan Ståhlberg has a long-standing career in private markets investment and has been holding senior investing – and leadership positions in Europe, US and Asia since 1985. For ~25 years, he was an Institutional Partner at EQT Partners, today a global investment organization. 

Frederik Stengaard Mehlsen
Technical Solution Manager, Cyber Security, Fellowmind

Frederik Stengaard Mehlsen is the Principal Security Architect at Fellowmind, where he helps define the requirements and security principals used across all of Fellowminds services. He has solid experience with MITRE ATT&CK, Incident response and cloud security.

Marley Hasselbach
Senior Sales Team Leader, EMEA, Darktrace

Based out of Copenhagen, Marley Hasselbach is a regional manager for Darktrace in the Nordics. He has worked with businesses and public institutions of all shapes and sizes to help automate security operations and protect themselves from the most sophisticated threats. Marley has a particular interest in complex organisations, including those with OT- or cloud as part of their environment.

Peter Kruse
Founder, CSIS

Peter Kruse is a cyber security expert with more than 25 years of experience within the field of cybersecurity. Peter co-founded the Danish IT-security companies CSIS (2003) and Heimdal (2008). He has been working with malware analysis, vulnerability research, threat hunting, forensics and has been a frequent speaker at closed top-vetted security conferences around the world. Today, Peter is by far the most quoted IT-security expert in Denmark and considered among the most recognized in Europe. He co-founded the non-profit organization and data sharing platform SIE Europe in 2018. It is a sensor network to make the European digital economy safer by offering a platform for the collection, aggregation, and sharing of data without Personal Identifiable Information that is relevant and actionable in the fight against cybercrime. Peter is a member of CARO (Computer Antivirus Research Organization) and co-founder of the Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference that has been running for 10 years in a row. He has been a member of the Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) it-security panel for more than 10 years. Peter sold his shares of Heimdal in 2019 and CSIS Group in October last year. Peter is now working as an independent IT security expert at Kruse Industries and as CISO at Clever.


Anders Brath Urban
Lead Incident Manager, Improsec A/S

I have extensive experience in teaching, training, advising and operational management of professional military units and civilian teams. Creation and management of smaller units for special tasks, within both physical and cyber security.
For many years, I have worked as operational leader where I have trained and educated reconnaissance, security and escort units. In my most recent employment I have dealt with operational management of Cyber incident response teams. As head of IRT, I have also been responsible for coordination with national and international partners. 

Andrada Son
Headhunter, CSA CPH

Headhunter at CSA CPH since 2016 and friend of the community since 2018. Andrada works dedicated to build and maintain relationships with existing cybersecurity professionals, as well as upcoming talents. As an advocate for community and collaboration, Andrada is being involved both in existing networks as OWASP and BSides, as well as other initiatives either created by her workplace, other connections, or school & universities.

Anton Cherepanov
Senior Malware Researcher, ESET

Anton Cherepanov works at ESET as a Senior Malware Researcher; his responsibilities mainly pertain to the analysis of complex threats. He has done extensive research on cyber-attacks in Ukraine. His research has been presented at numerous conferences, including BlackHat USA, Virus Bulletin, and the CARO Workshop. His interests focus on reverse engineering and malware analysis automation.

Anton Kalinin
Principal Security Engineer, CSIS

Anton has over 11 years of experience in the cybersecurity field and has a wide area of expertise, including malware analysis, digital forensics, and incident response.
He joined Kaspersky in 2011 as a malware analyst. He spent seven years at Kaspersky and had different positions across the company, such as senior digital forensics analyst and security researcher. During his Sophos years, Anton was working on the analysis and detection of emerging threats and in-house sandbox development to provide better detection capabilities for the customers. At Yandex, he was a part of the SOC team performing varieties of different tasks such as incident response and threat hunting. In addition, he worked closely with system administrators and various service teams to improve network visibility and make it easier for security engineers to catch suspicious activity inside the network.
Currently, Anton performs full-cycle incident response as a consultant at CSIS for different companies.

David Jacoby
Founder/Hacker, Sprinkler Security Sweden

David Jacoby is one of Sweden’s most boldest hackers and IT security experts. He has over 25 years of experience in professional hacking and has won several awards both as a speaker and for his unique research and dedicated work to stop digital crime. 

In his research, he has specialized on realistic and threats and vulnerabilities and demonstrate how they actually affect our organizations and IT-systems. Some of David’s research includes hacking his own home(IoT), enterprise exploitation by assume breach scenarios and demystifying the MacOS attack chain by hacking into a MacOS computer without any hacking tools. 

David Jacoby is also often seen on TV and in other news contexts. He has, among other things, been a guest on TV4 Nyhetsmorgon, participated in SVT, Aftonbladet, Expressen, DN and guested on various podcasts. He is also one of the hackers in the TV series “Hackad” which was shown on SVT. 

Erik Sørup Andersen
Chief Executive Officer, Risk Measure

Erik is a Senior Executive Advisor within information security and risk management. Throughout his 25
years in Information Security, he has been developing and advising clients in both private- and public
sector globally. Erik has a passion for improving the risk management process with a strategic and
tactical focus to ensure that is supports the overall strategy of the business. With a focus on data, empiric
and mathematical methods Eric supports businesses in quantitative risk assessments, to optimize risk

Errol Weiss
Chief Security Officer, Health-ISAC, Inc.

Errol Weiss joined Health-ISAC in 2019 as its first Chief Security Officer and created a threat intelligence analysis center in Europe and the United States to provide meaningful and actionable threat intelligence for IT and infosec professionals in the healthcare sector.

Errol has over 25 years of experience in Information Security beginning his career with the National Security Agency (NSA) conducting penetration tests of classified networks. He created and ran Citigroup’s Global Cyber Intelligence Center and was a Senior Vice President Executive with Bank of America’s Global Information Security team.

Foy Shiver
Deputy Secretary-General
APWG (Anti-Phishing Working Group)

Foy Shiver is Deputy Secretary-General of APWG (Anti-Phishing Working Group) and a founding Trustee of APWG.EU. In 2004 Mr. Shiver assumed operations management for the nascent non-profit Anti-Phishing Working Group. Since then the organization has grown into a global industry, law enforcement and research focused group dedicated to countering the growing threat of electronic crime. In 2006, Mr. Shiver accepted the appointment as Deputy Secretary-General of APWG, charged with cultivating membership around research, data-sharing and policy issues fighting cybercrime and electronically mediated fraud. In this role Mr. Shiver founded the APWG’s Symposium on eCrime Research, the first and only peer-reviewed program focusing exclusively on cybercrime research. Since 2006 he has grown this annual event and published 170+ peer reviewed cybercrime research papers through IEEE. In 2013 Mr. Shiver worked with APWG and CaixaBank to found the new European Foundation APWG.EU. This foundation focuses on cybercrime research and education within the European Union and globally. Mr. Shiver has previously worked in Lotus Notes Product Management, and founded a clinical research company: Woodstock Clinical Data. He is a proud veteran of the US Army 82nd Airborne Division. 

Gaffri Johnson
Senior Risk Advisor, Risk Measure

Gaffri Johnson is a highly skilled security professional with a passion for cyber security. Gaffri is
specialised in Governance, Risk and Compliance area and loves the challenge of bridging technical
cyber security and IT-GRC domains, into security programs that align with businesses strategic goals.
Gaffri has a proven track record of 20 years in the information security industry, that includes
experience from Deloitte, KPMG, NCC Group among others.
With a deeply rooted passion for IT security, Gaffri is always curious and searching for knowledge. In
addition, he’s a good communicator and have extensive experience teaching information security at
various courses and seminars.

James Kwaan
Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group

James Kwaan has worked for a number of blue chip companies covering AI, Simulation, Energy and Financial Services. He is a former Director of Information Security (CISO) and Global data protection officer. In his spare time he is President of (ISC)2 Scotland and former Vice President of ISACA Scotland. James is a recognised expert in Information Security and in 2017 was awarded three prizes for his contribution to the field:
Malcolm Turner Memorial Prize for outstanding contribution to Risk Management and Information Security,
Wayne K. Snipes prize for best European ISACA Chapter,
and Cyber Evangelist of the year at the Scottish Cyber Awards.

Jan Kaastrup
Chief Innovation Officer, CSIS

Jan has been an Advisory Board Member of Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) from 2013-2018 and has been an advisor on numerous major international security incidents, such as WannaCry, Petya, etc.
With over 20 years’ experience in IT-security (including network architecture, forensics, incident response, malware research, penetration testing and financial fraud), Jan frequently appears on Danish TV as a cybersecurity subject-matter expert. 
Jan regularly presents at regional and international cyber security conferences, in addition to hosting the annual Copenhagen Cybercrime Conference.

Karsten Nohl
Founder, SRLabs

Karsten is a cryptographer and security researcher. He likes to test security assumptions in proprietary systems and typically breaks them. Karsten is the Founder of SRLabs and Autobahn Security in Berlin where his professional work includes testing telcos for hacking issues. Karsten was the CISO at Jio in India and at Axiata in Malaysia and currently helps roll out Europe’s most technology-forward telco network. 

Ketil Clorius
Global Head of Fraud Strategy and Transformation, SEB

A seasoned Fraud and Financial Crime Leader, Ketil has over 17 years’ experience in financial services, including Banking and Big 4 Consultancy. Currently Ketil is heading SEB’s Global Fraud Strategy and Transformation journey and has recently been leading Danske Banks Global Fraud Management where he had the responsible for everything from Fraud Strategy to Operations, Data Analytics and Risk Management. Ketil has great regional experience within the financial services and banking industry across the entire Nordic region. Within Fraud and Financial Crime in particular, Ketil holds deep subject matter expertise across Fraud, AML, Sanctions, Risk Management and Risk Assessments. In addition to his direct management experience, Ketil has a breadth of expertise in technical software solutions, having operated in the software industry as Head of the Centre of Excellence for Fraud and Financial Crime at SAS Institute; implementing Nordic Anti-Fraud and Financial Crime software/solutions across the banks, insurances and in the public sector.

Mathias Fuchs
Certified Instructor, SANS Institute

Mathias is VP Investigation & Intelligence at InfoGuard, an Incident Response Firm and MSSP headquartered in Switzerland. He has been working on hundreds of major incidents in his career at InfoGuard, Mandiant and T-Systems and always strives to optimize how organizations recover from major breaches. In addition, Mathias is a Certified SANS Instructor, one of the authors of the FOR608: Enterprise-Class Incident Response & Threat Hunting and the author of FOR532: Enterprise Memory Forensics In-Depth.

Michael Sjøberg
Hostage Survival & Crisis Management Expert, CEO, Delta Crisis Management

Michael Sjøberg is specialized in the mitigation of threats against human beings and companies, including the prevention and handling of hostage takings and kidnap for ransom incidents. In recent years Michael has been involved in the handling of approx 75 ransomware attack cases. This experience gives Michael a unique and super interesting position for sharing with the audience his knowledge and viewpoints on collaboration – all based on real life cases. Michael will mainly focus on good decision making and leadership in crisis situations. A crucial part of this is, that both the executive side and the technical side are able to do what they are best at, meaning that they have to be able to cooperate efficiently and smoothly. This is never a walk in the park when stakes are high and time is of the essence, meaning with someone out there waiting impatiently for a response to the first payment demand made…

Patrick Miller
CEO and Owner, Ampere Industrial Security

Patrick Miller has dedicated his career to the protection and defense of critical infrastructures as a trusted independent security and regulatory advisor. He is the owner and CEO of the Portland, Oregon based consulting firm Ampere Industrial Security. In addition to consulting, Patrick is the US. Coordinator for the Industrial Cybersecurity Center and the founder, former director, and president emeritus of EnergySec. He is also an instructor for the SANS Institute, CISL, and CCI Professional School. Mr. Miller’s diverse background spans the Energy, Telecommunications, Water and Financial Services verticals including key positions with regulatory agencies, private consulting firms, utility asset owners and commercial organizations.

Rasmus Rasmussen
Vice President, Enterprise Platforms, Infrastructure & Security, Demant

Rasmus is VP in Demant, with the responsibility of Enterprise Platforms, Infrastructure & Security (EPIS).
In EPIS we support the different business units with IT services that goes across Demant. The function handles IT solutions for areas like: Finance Services, Business Intelligence, HR solutions, Integrations, Robotics, Cloud services, Infrastructure, ServiceDesk, 24/7 Operations, IT Security and much, much more.
Rasmus has worked in Demant for the last +11 years. Before joining Demant Rasmus worked in different areas of the IT industry and have around 30 years of experience in the IT landscape.

Robert Lipovsky
Senior Malware Researcher, ESET

Robert Lipovský is a Senior Malware Researcher at ESET with 12 years’ experience in cybersecurity. He is responsible for threat intelligence and malware analysis and leads the Malware Research Team at ESET headquarters in Bratislava. He is a regular speaker at security conferences, including RSAC, Black Hat USA, Virus Bulletin, Hacktivity, and AVAR. He also teaches reverse engineering at the Slovak University of Technology – his alma mater, and at Comenius University. When not bound to a keyboard, he enjoys traveling, playing guitar and flying single-engine airplanes.

Sami Mäkelä
CTO, ID North

Sami Mäkelä, CTO, ID North – Started as a system developer but was with excitement pulled into the information security space in late nineties. Throughout the years I have worked both practically and strategically as a consultant, and I have co-founded several companies within this space where I also have had a managing position. The world of Identity Security have caught my interest in particular, as it is close to both IT and business. I have practiced in many of the Identity Security related area such as PKI, access management, identity management, governance, risk, and compliance.

Søren Bjerregaard Vrist
Lead Technical Architect, CSIS Security Group

Søren is Lead Technical Architect at CSIS Security Group and has been with the company for 8 years. Before that a brief foray as a consultant with Netcompany and some intermittent visits in a smart grid startup and at Siteimprove. He’s been working with just about every product in the CSIS software portfolio and lately been spearheading the general data platform for everything but specifically CTI. Søren has a Cand. Scient in computer science from University of Copenhagen.

Thomas Stig Jacobsen
Head of IT Security, Lunar

Experienced developer, architect and security professional supporting Lunar from a small startup on day one to a scale-up of more than 600 employees across the Nordics. My responsibilities have developed over time from a one man army doing everything from website, scalable cloud architecture, security architecture for customers and employees to specialised head of IT security for Lunar as a multi-national group of entities. I enjoy sharing my knowledge by presenting at conferences on IT security, regulatory compliance, the use of public cloud in a regulated sector, outsourcing, identity and access management etc.


Daniel Shepherd

Daniel joined CSIS in order to drive the creation of two spin-off companies: one focused on Incident Response and Threat Hunting, the other focused on eCommerce Fraud.
Daniel has been working in the cybersecurity industry for over 5 years now. He initially started with S21sec, the leading security service provider in Spain and Portugal. Based in Mexico City, he led the company’s LATAM operations. Then, having moved back to be based in London, he was appointed Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President of International Business.
Before S21sec, Daniel worked for over 12 years for various US and European management consultancy firms, advising companies across various industries and globally on strategy, growth and operational improvement.

        CSIS Security Group A/S, Vestergade 2B, 4th floor, 1456 Copenhagen